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About Us

Coach Greg Pruitt has dedicated most of his life to teaching the game of basketball to young adults in Western North Dakota.  Coach Pruitt is currently the Head Boy's Basketball Coach for the Killdeer Cowboys.

Coach Pruitt's coaching philosophy is "To build regional champions on the court, state champions in the classroom, and national champions in life."

Coach Pruitt and his wife, Dawn, live in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Because Greg and Dawn do not have any children of their own, they actively seek ways to help other children.

Adhering to Coach Pruitt's and Coach Meyer's coaching and life philosophies, Coach Pruitt started the foundation by committing to donating his entire coaching paycheck each year to the Little Buddy Foundation, until it was up and running.

Coach Don Meyer was one of the most successful and motivational collegiate basketball coaches in the history of the sport.  During his coaching career, Coach Meyer achieved a 923-324 record as the head coach for Hamline University, Lipscomb University, and Northern State University.

In 2008, Coach Meyer was involved in a tragic car and required emergency surgery.  During which, doctors discovered cancer in his liver.  Due to injuries from the crash, Coach Meyer's lower left leg had to be amputated below the knee.

Despite the car accident, cancer diagnosis, and amputation, Coach Meyer persevered by continuing to coach the game he loved.  Coach Meyer retired in 2010 after 38 years of coaching.

With 923 total wins and an NAIA National Championship in 1986, Coach Meyer was one of the winningest college basketball coaches in history.  Prior to his death in 2014, Coach Meyer was awarded the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance and the John Bunn Award for significant contributions to the game of basketball.  Coach Meyer's wife, Carmen, continues to live in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

After meeting in 2006, Coach Pruitt's and Coach Meyer's friendship grew each summer at Northern State University's team boy's basketball camp.  Coach Pruitt and Coach Meyer had a shared philosophy of not only developing outstanding basketball players on the court, but also developing outstanding young men off the court.

After Coach Meyer's accident and amputation, Coach Meyer received a prosthetic to replace his amputated leg.  During this time, Coach Meyer fondly referred to his prosthetic as his "Little Buddy" and the inspiration for the Little Buddy Foundation was born.  As a result, Coach Pruitt has created the Little Buddy Foundation to help purchase prosthetics for as many children as possible.

Coach Meyer's life and coaching career have inspired numerous coaches, players, and fans.  We hope that the Little Buddy Foundation can carry on Coach Meyer's legacy of perseverance and care for others.

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